Day One: Our Convention

Written by Rushern Baker on September 4, 2012, 3:55PM


Dear Friends,

Today I leave for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to represent Prince George's County as a delegate for President Barack Obama. I couldn't be more excited. 

 Behind the Scenes in Charlotte

I am excited because of the energy I have seen throughout our County and our state in support of the President. I am excited for the energy that will come out  of this convention and for the days of campaigning ahead. I know that this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and I am ready to fight for President Obama. 

This convention isn't just about the President or the Democratic National Committee. This convention belongs to all of us. It's our moment to lay out our vision for a strong, successful America, and it's our moment to show that President Obama is the leader we need.

This convention is our convention, and I want to make sure that everyone can get a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day activities in North Carolina. I will be tweeting (@RushernBaker) and posting updates on my website -- So make sure to follow me to get the latest news, information, and photos from on the ground in Charlotte. 

The convention is one of the most important moments in the campaign, but what's happening this week in North Carolina is really just the beginning. I need you to help me kick off the fight to re-elect President Obama at home. This Saturday, September 8th, Prince George's Democrats will be knocking on doors and making calls in Virginia from 9am to 1pm. Virginia is a crucial battleground state in this election. We need you out there. 

To sign up, go to:
If you can't travel to Virginia, you can stop by our campaign office in the County (1100 Mercantile Lane in Largo) and make calls to voters in Virginia with our team. 

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my last email urging people to get involved. Let's keep it going.

-Rushern L. Baker, III





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There's a person whoever card states "Environmental Decorator" amongst other things selling fishing boat locations presently there, anf the husband gathered every one of his people who'd scheduled (along with paid for) a private come back in a individual boat. The most effective rule of thumb is to give your dollars only once the truth is and are content with the particular fishing boat. Non-public boats will typically have coffee and tea, and frequently normal water with regard to passengers, so bring your very own food as the voyage is about Your five a long time. there one more cruising with the Aung Kyaw Moe probably Thurs night (possibly Wednesday). The particular boat is just not within excellent issue however seems risk-free sufficient. Keep in mind though that the boat has been known in order to omit a couple of days once in a while so, when depending on the idea with regard to journey, keep a reasonable load to avoid getting trapped. Personal boats are available for book in Sittwe and could carry out the vacation considerably faster (3 to 5 a long time) for US$50 50 (08 cost) determined by your current negotiating capabilities along with the number with your get together. The main edge throughout leasing a personal motorboat is basically that you aren't tied to your ferry boat timings. In the main time this year there are private fishing boats leaving Mrauk U relatively each day, which you could be a part of with regard to flexible fare. Routes through Yangon get to Sittwe within the afternoon in fact it is simple to rent a spead boat and become in Mrauk You [url=]Omega Uhren kaufen[/url] at nighttime which suggests a vacation use of some day via Yangon. With all the federal government ferry boat (US$6 as well as Ky 7'000), count on at least 48 hrs to have coming from Yangon for you to Mrauk Oughout, lengthier in case you turn up the day before a new ferryboat away from day time. Foreign nationals should pay a US$5 payment throughout Mrauk You. The state countertop is incorporated in the Shittaung Pagoda though the govt price collector may observe an individual lower eventually should you miss him or her. [edit][add listing] Discover Through Nyaung U, require a neighborhood coach to be able to Magwe (4h). There are several busses throughout the day, you might have to request a local adviser (the guy at Day Star has been really helpfull) or your gesthouse that will help you finding the proper coach on the road since they will be not really preventing in the tour bus station. In Magwe, you'll be able to capture the actual primary bus Mandalay Sittwe at around night time to the entire ticket price Ky 25'000 + a different Ky 5'000 supplement with regard to foreigner. The actual bus ride from Magwe in order to Mrauk You takes concerning 14h. Mo Cherry cafe gives great Oriental and also partial traditional Rakhine meals. The food is very good much less high risk as opposed to places on the market nevertheless, if you possess period, explore various other eating places, typically un-named, and will also be pleasantly surprised! To get presently there, stick to the Yangon Sittwe Road with the Narawat resort as well as Mrauk Ough resort far east on the traversing, and then turn proper. After a couple of meters the thing is the particular restaurant on the remaining part. Your journey from the backwaters and then inside the lake is a marvellous excursion (contemplative and delightful). In December 2011 there are A couple of large ferries running from Sittwe for you to Mrauk U, your ex authorities fishing boat (XGov) (right now privatised) the Aung Kyan Moe(AKM) increase decker vessel (on both travelers Ten USD, 7 several hours the Communicate fishing boat (30 Bucks, Three hours). You will probably be satisfied with Sittwe air port by way of a consider marketing personal watercraft Or locations upon private watercraft (Two Your five voyager 20 USD pp, Six hours, a proven way), which may be helpful if you want to move , as you preserve every night throughout Sittwe. There isn't any banking institutions in Mrauk Oughout, therefore make sure you carry ample Kyat to are your time and efforts generally there, considering that exchange rates less difficult lesser inside Mrauk Ough compared to somewhere else throughout Myanmar. 锘縈rauk Ough vacation guidebook L Amiti Public (Close to Laymyetnha Paya) The master of the skill art gallery cordially welcomes any kind of customer. She has fantastic knowledge about your Mrauk You place [url=]breitling Australia[/url] along with the Region Villages he or she likes to encourage [url=]rolex watches[/url] simply by their fine art. [edit][add listing] Perform The actual Archaeology Public (Free), just inside the Royal Palace features a assortment of items through the Mrauk U sites Buddhas, foundations using inscriptions, Wethali period money, pictures that show Mrauk Oughout rolling around in its glory days, and an excellent type of Mrauk Oughout that will assist you get the bearings. Crumbling wall space is that continues to be of the Elegant Structure by itself. Vehicles keep for Sittwe as well as Yangon every day. Even if the MTT workplace mentioned that it was not feasible, a few travelers noted that it is probable (but might simply no be simple) to arrive at Sittwe coming from Yangon through shuttle (regarding 30h). A market is located the west with the your forehead location. [edit][add listing] Acquire

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